- I was born and raised in the heart of South America, in Paraguay.
- My sport of choice is futbol (not the American kind).
- Our family vacations growing up consisted of crossing the border to Brazil or Argentina or hopping over to Chile. I like to think I'm fairly well traveled, but I'm not nearly as well traveled as my awesome wife.

- My degree is in Radio and Television Broadcasting. My plan was to return to Paraguay and use my degree, but God had other plans for me. I'm thankful He is in control of my life.
- Music is my favorite! I'm always wowing my wife, Sabrina ,with my songs (whether made up or from an actual artist).

- Cooking has become one of my passions as I love transforming ingredients. Watching (and smelling) them all come together into something new and delicious is very rewarding... for my belly.
- Because I love food, it's a good thing that I enjoy working out! I view exercise as I do cooking: Transforming a raw material into something better.


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